Bandcamp Friday Nov 2023!

Hello Friends,

Tomorrow is bandcamp friday! There are so many great artists to support on this platform and tomorrow is the day where your support goes to the artist 100%.

This particular bandcamp Friday is significant as next week is the 100th birthday of my Oma who inspired the music that I created on the album Oma. To commemorate this milestone I am releasing sheet music of the piece Age off of the album dedicated to her. I will be heading down to Chile to see and celebrate with her this coming Monday. Please consider buying the sheet music for Age, or the album on vinyl, or a digital download, or the CD, etc… this Friday. If you do buy the album this Friday in any of its various forms, I will send you a free download of the sheet music for AGE as a thank you and a commemoration of Oma’s 100th birthday. If you already own the album, Thank you! If you would like to get the sheet music, you can purchase it on bandcamp for $1 or whatever you choose to pay. The full book should be coming out in a couple of months. There will be a physical version available as well as a digital one.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned as my next album is now complete and I am prepping for the release of it in the upcoming months.

Peace and love,