If you are interested in any of the music you see/here on this site or would like to contact me to be involved in one of your projects, or any other reason, please send me a message with this link

Look forward to hearing from you soon and stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for checking the site out!

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Robbie

    Do you know which tracks on the new Barzin record (Live Alone…) you played accordion on? We want to play you on our Accordion Noir Radio show in Vancouver.


    • Hi Bruce…

      sorry for the slow reply. I believe the tunes with Accordion on the new barzin record are: in the morning, Lazy Summer, and It’s hard to love blindly. but… dont quote me on this. I have not heard the final mixes yet. Thanks for writing, and sorry I did not reply sooner. I will definitely check out your show though!


  2. I note that you are not part of GoodLovelies 2018 tour. I had the pleasure of attending the Belleville Ont. performance 24 Nov. I think you must have been on a roll that night.. some of your stuff was hilarious good, I was laughing and clapping many times. And I think at least twice all 3 Lovelies turned away from the audience to stare at you.. like WTF is he doing this time.. as you were delivering unexpected and unplanned magic from the keyboard. I had good fortune to be in 3rd row, so got to see it close up. What a team.. I could sense the fellowship, trust, fun, rapport.

    I wonder how it will go for them.. removing keyboard and adding drummer?? That seems bit radical to me.
    Those ladies are great, but my best memories are of watching you and Steve backing them up.

    Your web-site seems a bit obsolete.. what are you planning for 2018?
    Best wishes,
    fan WH

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