Happy New Year!

its 2017…

New year, New music!  After my little trip into the Paul McCartney world (see my last blog post for details), I’ve been inspired to explore more weird synthtastic music.  Heres the latest track I just finished.  It makes me think of a royal garden in the future proposed in the 1960’s.  Check it out:


This next piece of news is what I’m most excited to announce:  I have been accepted to do an independent Music residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts!  I will be heading out to the most magnificent place on Earth for 2 and a half glorious weeks this January in order to write and record a whole whack of new music for solo piano and electronics.  Stay tuned for snippets and photos…

Back from holidays and already back in the studio…  I spent this week recording new music with DoubleTooth.  Volume 2 is coming along nicely.  I also am back at work with the lovely and talented Lydia Persaud.  There are two more tracks on the way, maybe 3…

Lots of music to be made in 2017.  Hope you get a chance to check some of it out.

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