Holiday Update

Well the year has come and gone with a flurry of insane events.  TRUMP!  what?

Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones… and the list continues.  Its been a tough year on the whole.  So much loss and so much terrifying change.  But, alas there is also some good coming.

2016 also had lots of great music.  For me, I got to make a record and play with Lori Cullen, Donovan Woods, Matthew and Jill Barber with the family album band, Royal Wood, Atlas Revolt and more.  I made a bunch of records, did some cool DoubleTooth shows in a park as part of Dusk Dances (a dance festival), and wrote a lot of music.  Here is the latest…

On the slightly sinister side of things I’m excited to announce that I was a contributor on the latest film installment by the great Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls.  Its a Doc about the conspiracy theory surrounding Paul McCartney’s supposed death in 1966.  He asked a bunch of Canadian musicians to contribute Beatles covers for the film.  You read more about it here.

Mitch Fillion Paul McCartney Beatles Who Is This Now

On the less sinister side of things, I am currently on the Road with the Good Lovelies celebrating there 10 year anniversary with their annual Christmas Tour.  Click here for details on upcoming show dates and locations near you.


I am also very excited to announce that this January I will be heading to the Extraordinary Banff centre for the Arts for a musicians residency!  This has been something I have been wanting to down for many many years now.  I am thrilled and honored to have been given this opportunity.  I will be spending 2 and a half weeks there composing new music for piano and synthesizers.  More to come on that project as it evolves.

Finally, I am going back into the studio with the wonderful and talented Lydia Persaud to complete recordings for her EP.  Keep your eye out for her.  She is a powerhouse of talent that you wont want to miss.

Lots to come over the New Year…  On deck I will be touring in the new year with Donovan Woods, Jill Barber, Royal Wood, and the Good Lovelies.  Also, stay tuned for some new releases under my own name, a live show in New York on Feb 10th with Cantor Mo Glazman, and me moving into a newer bigger studio space!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!  stay warm and safe.

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