2014 news


Well its march 2014, and I’m making a pact with myself to stop apologizing for taking so long between updates.  I still feel bad about it, but I’ve realized that apologizing does not help me write any sooner.  So, please accept me with all of my flaws, and keep checking back periodically.  I promise to update more, and will post on social media so that you hopefully i will find you and not you find me.  On the brighter side of things, the reason I have not written in so long is due to being busy.  so thats good right?  So much happening.

So… last time I wrote I was about to go see d’angelo which was Amazing!  since then I went on tour across Canada – back and forth, and back again with fiddler extraordinaire Jaron Freeman Fox.  that was a trip!  The tour took us from festival to festival, met tons of very cool people and played some interesting places.  Highlights include a major lobster feed at Stan-Fest in Canso Nova Scotia, and meeting Jaron’s Mom on quadra Island!  Pics will be posted in short order.

That leg of tour ended with me crashing my good pal Joshua van Tassel’s wedding in order to play some jazz fest dates in halifax.  Josh is a super talented musician/producer/drummer who I collaborate very frequently with and is the other half of Doubletooth.  We will be attending the ECMA’s this april in Charlottetown in honor of Josh’s nomination for best electronic album.  While there we will be performing some Doubletooth material for the first time ever!!  Please stop by and say hi if you are in Charlottetown april 4 – 7.

The canadian tour bonanza was then followed up by a UK tour with songstress Kate Rogers.  We spent 8 glorious days criss crossing Jolly old England to promote the release of her new album – Repeat Repeat, which features a song that we co-wrote called contender which made it to the CBC radio top 20 for several weeks this summer.  Thanks for all who supported us in that.

Since then, I have been fortunate to be involved in a number of exciting recordings, including new albums by Justin Rutledge, Royal Wood, Jill Barber, Craig Cardiff, Old Maps, Bret Higgins, and have started occasionally performing with David Myles, The Lovelocks, and a few others…

Needless to say its been a fruitful year and I am very thankful for all of the luck and wonderful people that I have been surrounded by.

So whats coming up you say?  Well let me tell you… I have been co-writing and producing with a few singer-songwriters as of late and most of these projects are currently in the recording phase.  I am very excited for this as there should be some new music to present to the world that I am very proud of in very short order.

The first is Milquetoast.  You may have seen or heard her perform with Barzin.  She is a wonderful singer songwriter and we are making her first EP in time for her to leave on a long tour of Europe this spring with Barzin.  Stay tuned for updates and audio as this project reaches completion.  If you want to see Milquetoast, or me, or Barzin perform… we will be all playing together in Toronto March 22 at the music gallery for the launch of Barzin’s latest album – To Live Alone in that Long Summer.


The second is a wonderful singer named Nickyvonvicky.  You may have heard her perform with the Mercenaries, or on stages in Niagara and at the Shaw festival.  Well the time has come and her and I have been hard at work co-writing, and next month we will begin recording her first EP.  We are trying to raise funds to produce it.  If you would like to support this endeavour, you can do so at our indiegogo campaign page – NVV.  Please check it out and contribute.  Any amount will help!


Lastly, I will be going into the studio on sunday to record the last 4 tracks of the Old Maps project that started in the summer.  Audio of the first few tracks will be posted later this week so please come back for that!

Ok, thanks for reading, and checking back with me.  I look forward to making more music and posting more music for you all soon!

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