Soul on the Seventh Day

The Packages have Arrived!!!!

Soul On the Seventh Day, Mo Glazman

Well folks, I am pleased to announce that The final versions of Soul on the seventh day have arrived.  This is the Album that I produced this summer for Cantor Mo Glazman.  It is a melding of soul and motown music with Liturgical Jewish music.  Im very proud of this project.  I produced and arranged it.  The band consists of Adam Warner on drums, Mark McIntyre on bass, James Robertson on guitar, myself on keys, Drew Jurecka, Bryden Baird, And Charlie Finlay on Horns, Drew Jurecka on the strings, and Chloe Watkinson, Lydia Persaud, and Amanda Mabro doing backup vocals.  Please check it out.  Here is a link to the itunes site if you would like to buy a digital copy: Soul on itunes.  Send me a message here if you want a physical copy.

Here is a track for you to preview:

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