Exciting news!!!!

Masters have arrived!!!

Mo Glazman – Soul on the Seventh Day.  Produced and arranged by yours truly.
I spent the last summer producing a record for a great singer named Mo Glazman.  The music is Jewish liturgical music treated like old soul music.  I had the opportunity to produce, arrange, and play on this record.  I also had the opportunity to work with Canada’s finest musicians: Adam Warner, Mark McIntyre, James Robertson, Drew Jurecka, Bryden Baird, Charlie Finlay, Amanda Mabro, Chloe Watkinson, and Lydia Persaud.  The album was recorded by Adam King and mixed by Les Cooper.  I will post some tracks on the site real soon.  can’t wait to present it to the world.

RG + JVT = Afro inspired funky times

I have been working for the past few months on another new project with Joshua Van Tassel – drummer, producer, musician extraordinaire.  A name for this project has not been determined yet but rest assured that this music is gonna make you feel crazy and want to dance.  We have basically been listening to a bunch of African music from the 60s – mostly from Ghana and Nigeria – and have taken our cues from those sounds.  We recording it all with just the two of us, playing whatever instruments we can and only using 1 microphone and amp in the recording process.  Its super fun.  Trax will be up real soon for this one too…

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